When planning a vacation destination there are many things to consider. The usual things that people think about are the budget, distance to be travelled and the number of days they can spend at the destination.

Europe is a favorite destination for many people as it offers a wide variety of sights to see. Out of this Norway has become the destination of choice for many people around the globe.

Things That Make Norway A Favorite Destination

Accessibility is becoming increasingly better. There are many flights that connect Oslo , Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim to the rest of the world. There are also low-cost flights from many cities in the US. It is just two hours by air from London And Reykjavik. Both these places are connected to all parts of the world by cheap transatlantic flights. The accessibility makes it cheaper to visit. It also means that travel time is lesser and you get more time to spend in Norway.

Norway is a country that allows you a lot of freedom to roam around. The country doesn’t prevent you from pitching your tent in any open area not belonging to any private party. This means that you can pitch a tent anywhere to enjoy the beauty of the land. It is also one of the safest places in the world, though caution is always advised when you are travelling in a strange country.

Activities You Can Enjoy In Norway
Seeing the fjords is a “must do” in Norway. The land has many of these beauties that rare in many parts of the world. They are formed by the glaciers during the ice ages. They are long bodies of water covered on three sides by steep cliffs and having a shallow outlet into the sea.

Another peculiar phenomenon in Norway is the midnight sun. In summer the days hardly end. The sun doesn’t set and the nights are filled with various activities.
Another activity you can enjoy in Norway is hiking. You can do hiking at the fjords. If you are there in summer you can enjoy hiking in the night too as it is still bright. The other thing that you mustn’t miss when you are in Norway are the northern lights. This can be seen from many towns in the North of the country. The best time to see these beautiful dancing lights if from late September to Late March.

It is a large country with low population density. This has left most of the country unspoiled. You can enjoy natural beauty in Norway the way that you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

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