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Stavanger is a beautiful coastal town in the Southt West corner of Norway. Stavanger have long tradisions with shipping and fishboats. In early 1900, there was a lot of canneries in town and many areas smelled of fish. In early 1970’s, Oil was found in the North Sea, and Stavanger soon becam the oil capitol of Norway, and still are.  

Stavanger is sourrounded by the Northsea to the west with great beaches and the fjords to the North and East. From here you will see the mountain range with  some of the worlds most popular and amazing hikes and views. 


Top Tours & hikes in Stavanger

What to do while in Stavanger? We do really want to show you the best this region have to offer, either it is about hiking, roadtrip, sightseeing or other activities – at your own pace. 

Stavanger is situated north on the region called Jæren. Jæren lies with the ocean (Nordsjøen) with some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches. 

Stavanger is also the entrance to the fjords and mountains in this area. From Stavanger there is only a short trip to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), Kjerag, Flørli or Moon Falls (Månafossen). 

Troll Adventure would just love to show you around in our area. We are dedicated to provide you with genuin and “local style” experiences. 

Walk the longest wooden stair in the world - 4444 steps to the top.
Do you dare to stand on a rock, looking 1000meters down to Lysefjorden?
While in Stavanger, let us hike with you to the Pulpit Rock and some bonus stops on the way!
Must do in Stavanger - Roadtrip with Troll Adventure along the coast to "Basecamp Åna-Sira" and hiking to Brufjell

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