Roadtrip! phototour!


Why do a roadtrip? Because it is fun. You experience a lot. You smile. You become friends.


To go on a road trip is something special. There’s a sense of adventure that comes to mind as soon as you say the word or think about it. And if you’re going together with others, you’ll naturally enhance your bond and create memories for life.

You’re also free and get to decide where you wanna go, when, and how long you’re staying. So many times, I’ve been sitting on a train or bus and looked out of the window and seen the most beautiful place. However, since I was on a bus or train, I couldn’t just stop and get out.

But with a rental car, it’s possible to stop along the way and explore. Take a turn off the motorway and experience the quaint villages and places. If you’re thinking about making a road trip, but still feel unsure if it’s the right thing, here are 15 reasons why I think everyone should go on a road trip!

Easy Hikes

We arrange all kind of hikes, from easy to moderate and hard. 

Mountains & Fjords

Our genuine landscape let you experience high mountain hikes while looking down to the fjords.


Afraid of height?

You don’t HAVE to standing on a small rock,  looking down 1000 meters to the fjords.