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Egersund or Eigersund as it is called, is a municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The town is located along the southwestern coast of Norway, aprox 75 kilometres south of the city of Stavanger. The town is situated along a strait which separates the mainland from the island of Eigerøya.

You might find yourself visiting the Nordic city, in one of your endeavors one of these days, and like popular parlance suggests ‘life is too short to be bored and no fun’, you might want to agree to it too, the city is ready to host you and welcome you into its warm embrace.


If you seek a spot to unwind and let your hair down and have a free fall into the realm of relaxation, these are the few pointers (sites) to put your desire at your fingertip.


Egersund is located between the flat landcape, Jæren and an area south of Egersund called Magma Geopark.  

There are several dayhikes to do from Egersund. Trollpikken, being famous of a rock-formation looking like the erected genitials of a man. At the time this rock got famous, this was really controversial for many, and one night a person went out during nighttime and managed to cut it of. 

A lot of work has been done to fix it again. 

A recreational haven, a place at the city’s very own heart, beautiful scenery to behold, just the right place to make memories with loved ones. The Vannbassengene which provides bathing spots, swimming, and hiking experience for visitors is named after the old waterworks that have served the inhabitants for years.

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